Bank Gold Card (debit, payroll, credit)

A Gold (“Gold”) or Platinum (“Platinum”) bank card is the top of plastic banking products in any bank. The largest in terms of the number of branches, the Bank of Russia, Bank, was no exception. Buying a Bank gold card becomes commonplace. It is acquired more and more often. This is connected not so much with the prestigious status of the card itself, as with the possibilities that open up with the possession of such plastic and its operation.

What is a gold card?

Credit card Bank class "Golden"

This is a special type of plastic bank card of Bank, which provides the holder of such a product with the following main dividends:

  • the widest discount and bonus system in numerous national and international trading networks providing a huge range of goods and services. These are mainly online stores, boutique lines in shopping centers, hotels and travels from leading tour operators;
  • maximum opportunities regarding cash transactions, for example, a large credit card limit or advantageous conditions for cashless settlement of debit plastic payments;
  • Favorable conditions for using a Bank credit card, for example, a large grace period for a credit card;
  • currency versatility of the product – usually a similar bank card works with all major world currencies (dollar, euro), and not only with rubles;
  • in combination with the international status of the card, i.e. when plastic is accepted to pay for goods and services in other countries of the world, monetary versatility turns gold plastic into an ideal e-wallet that will save money, eliminating the need for currency conversion abroad and related unavoidable commissions and monetary losses due to changes in currency ratios.

Types of card products and their differences

The advantages of the Bank gold card are the same for the main points as for the bonus cards of other financial and credit organizations. However, the Gold level plastic is also different. Bank gold cards are divided into the following categories:

  1. Credit.
  2. Debit
  3. Cobranding.

Bank’s gold credit card is not different in its purpose from other Bank credit card products. This is plastic, tied to a bank account with a certain amount of money in it. Buying a credit card, the client takes a permanent loan. That is, money from plastic can be used at your discretion anytime and indefinitely, but later it is necessary to return the amount spent to account of this plastic, including interest.

The terms of payment and interest are stipulated in the contract and differ from one credit card to another. Otherwise, the accrual of interest will begin, and upon further non-payment, the card will be blocked, and the client will be credited to the list of debtors of the bank. The main differences of credit plastic from debit are as follows:

  • the credit card limit is strictly limited, and the debit card limit is not (that is, an arbitrarily large amount of money can be on the debit product);
  • finances on credit plastics are potentially borrowed, belonging to the organization that issued the card, and on debit – personal, i.e. the cardholder itself.

The owners of a Bank credit card of the class “Gold” use it within the framework of the specified conditions and rules. There are simply more opportunities here than lower class credit cards. And such cards are also served by the two main global payment formats – VISA and MasterCard. Only subclasses differ.

Features of the design of the elite gold plastic


Thus, a VISA gold card can be in different categories, for example, Gold and Aeroflot. But how to get a Bank gold credit card? Just like getting a Bank gold card of any other profile. Write an application for registration of this plastic can anyone. In this case, the application will have to attach a certain set of documents:

  • passport and its full copy;
  • certificate of income for the last six months from the tax service in the form 2-NDFL, for entrepreneurs – the form 3-NDFL;
  • employment record, in which all places of work with the signatures of employers are shown. It is important that at the last place of work the client has already managed to work for at least six months (the employer’s confirmation signature is also needed);
  • for entrepreneurs, an extract from the EGRIP or the Unified State Register will be required, as well as financial statements on the income of the enterprise over the past six months.

The application will be reviewed by Bank employees within three business days. It is necessary to understand that plastic banking products of this kind are not allowed to anyone. This is not an unnamed free debit card of the VISA Electron format. In the Bank gold card, the conditions for obtaining this elite product are as follows:

  • have a stable average income from the official permanent job or a normally functioning enterprise;
  • be older than 21 years and under 60 years old (for women – 55 years old), i.e. clients of the retirement age do not have to rely on Bank’s gold plastic;
  • It is not necessary, but in practice, in order to receive a gold card, it is highly desirable to be a regular customer of Bank and be listed in a good account – a “clean” credit history from a multitude of repaid loans, a Bank salary card, etc.

Credit card Bank class “Golden”

Credit card Bank class "Golden"

It is not surprising, given that the purchase of “plastic gold” will cost about 10 thousand rubles, and the subsequent maintenance – 3 thousand rubles annually. What benefits can the happy owners of a Bank gold credit card use? You can name the following advantages:

  • the minimum withdrawal limit to zero balance of gold credit plastics in Bank is 200 thousand rubles, and the maximum limit is half a million (for the most expensive VISA Gold), the average limit of such credit cards is around 300 thousand rubles (albeit, to remove cash allowable not more than 100 thousand rubles);
  • Interest-free use of the card is retained for a period of 50 days after the first withdrawal of money, i.e., it will be necessary to return exactly 50 days for 50 days without standard credit interest. But in case of delay of the main payment, you will have to pay a penalty of 23% per annum (interest is usually calculated from the total loan amount);
  • Gold cards are also characterized by a lower interest rate compared to all other credit cards;
  • internationality – plastic “works” with at least three major currencies (ruble, dollar, euro) and is accepted in most major countries of the world. So, VISA Gold can be calculated in 125 countries. First on the list after the Russian Federation itself are the countries of the European Union and the United States;
  • when a client receives such plastic, the bank automatically prepares insurance for the life of the card product owner, which is useful if the owner travels often and often, especially in the Third World countries;
  • As already mentioned, Gold Bank cards are connected to numerous discount systems all over the world. The number of various bonus programs is constantly growing. For example, the holders of VISA Aeroflot as a minimum package of services on this card are members of the international Countdown program, which gives quite good discounts;
  • even if the client lost his golden Bank credit card while being abroad, he can immediately contact the embassy, ​​where he will be provided with a money allowance on the lost card, because nothing has happened to the bank account of the card (you just need to call the plastic number).

Among the shortcomings can be called a rather unfavorable circulation of money on the card in cash. If you shoot at an ATM of Bank, the commission will be 3%, which is very noticeable. So, when renting 10 thousand rubles, the commission will “eat” 300 rubles. And in the terminal of a third-party financial organization, the commission will be 4% at all. This can be explained by the bank’s policy of preserving cash flows in electronic form and preventing their transfer into paper notes.

Gold class debit card

Gold class debit card

A debit gold card differs from a gold credit card in much the same way as, in principle, a debit plastic differs from a credit credit card (described above). Bank’s gold debit card has all the main advantages of a premium Bank credit card. At the same time, the properties of ordinary debit card products are added:

  • the ability to withdraw cash in “native” ATMs with zero commission;
  • unlimited upper cash limit, which allows you to use a debit card as a piggy bank – there is no replenishment limit or no upper limit;
  • cashless payments again with zero commission for goods and services both offline and online.

At the same time, the advantages of a gold debit card are added – automatic registration of international life insurance, bonus actions and the option to set up quick payment of urgent services (overdraft, payment of medical procedures, rescue and search operations, etc.). Among the debit plastics, Bank produces special lines, each of which has its own unique bonus. For example, the Golden Mask card.

The holder of this plastic will be constantly informed via SMS (“Mobile Bank”) and Bank Online about all the premieres, tours and events in the theaters and operas of his city. And if you wish, with the help of this card you can quickly buy tickets online. Another debit Savings Bank card of the VISA Gold level is called Give Life. When this card is debited to pay for any product or service, then 0.3% of the amount spent will go to the fund to help children with oncology and other serious illnesses.

What is the essence of co-branded plastic products?

What is the essence of co-branded plastic products?

Finally, the last type of elite card is a co-branded card. In principle, it is more correct to say that this is one of the properties of both credit and debit plastics, but the popularity of this property made it stand out as cards of a separate class. The bottom line is that the co-branding card is most involved in numerous affiliate programs and bonus promotions.

A vivid example of such a plastic product is VISA Aeroflot. This plastic maintains contacts with leading tour operators, providing an interesting bonus program for clients, which is often called “rubles for miles”. That is, for example, during flights it is calculated what distance the client will travel by plane in one round. After that, the tour operator charges the traveler a certain number of bonuses.

In this way, you can quickly save up for the whole flight and pay the full cost of the ticket by bonuses. Gold co-branded plastic “Aeroflot” is simply indispensable for those who travel a lot by aviation. And it does not matter, on rest, on business or on study. Another popular service is cellular communication. And within the framework of this request, a line of co-branded Gold MasterCard MTC cards was created, using which the same bonuses are charged to the customer’s account when paying for goods and services.

Disadvantages of elite cards

These bonuses can later pay for mobile communications. The resulting profit is obvious. It is clear that, despite the described advantages of Bank’s gold plastics, as in principle and in all elite card products, there are also flaws. The Bank Gold Card has the following minuses:

  • the high cost of the product itself and its annual service;
  • with credit options it is extremely unprofitable to use cash;
  • the order of such plastic is very difficult, there is a high probability of failure in the design of a gold card;
  • it happens that many discounts and promotions to the cardholder are simply not needed, but the product is automatically connected to participate in these programs.

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