Do I need to declare my loan on income tax?

You went into debt and had to apply for an online loan? All right, this is a good alternative to relieve your pocket. But, how do you justify a large amount coming into your account when the income tax return period arrives? Without despair, we will help you!

Is it necessary to declare the loan online?

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Yes, it’s necessary. The online loan needs to be declared in the income tax, even if it is not taxed, the reason for this is that the tax authorities analyze all their income during the course of the year, any money entry causes oscillations in what you have of equity. Even if it has been paid, a loan with a value equal to or greater than R $ 5,000 must be declared to the Federal Revenue Service.

How to declare an online loan?

online loan

All loans made without the guarantee of assets must be declared in the “Debts and Real Charges” form, to do this it is necessary to identify the code of the financier who made the loan, see below:

– Loan carried out by banks: code 51, commercial banking establishment;

– Loan carried out by credit cooperative – code 12, credit, financing and investment company;

– Loan carried out by company: code 13, other legal entities (ie, all of which do not fall into the categories above).

Identified the exact code it should be entered in the total amount of the loan and placed in the field “situation on 2/13/17” the value of installments paid up to that date.

In the case of loans with a maturity of more than 12 months, it is necessary to make a declaration each year and subtract the installments paid up to that moment.

In “Discrimination” specify in detail to which objective the money will be used, as well as the form that will be paid the loan, legal data of the bank or financier that lent the credit. Example:

“Online personal loan of 6 thousand reais to pay debts, granted by the credit union” Financial Group “(CNPJ: XXXXXXX) and installments in 10 installments of 600 reais”

See how easy it is?


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