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As reported in the past, after a long time, the Good Bank raised interest rates. That’s why, in many people, the bell is turned on, so it can be a problem here. Well, we don’t agree with that. But it is certainly a bit more worthwhile to borrow the credit administration a little bit, or to pay more attention to your credit. You can make a lot of money if necessary.

What is the reason for panic?


We humans tend to get used to good things and take it naturally. That is the case with home loans and interest on home loans. We have been able to avail ourselves of cheap loans for several years. Whether it’s a mortgage loan or a personal loan. Now, however, many have grasped the fact that the MNB raised interest rates (not the central bank base rate) and worried that their loans would be more expensive. Well, this worry is not unfounded. But as we say, we don’t have to worry about it, but think calmly with what happened and act properly.

Why “fixed” credit?

Why "fixed" credit?

First of all, let’s say that it is not necessary to take out a fixed loan, but we can feel more secure with such a home loan. The essence of a fixed loan is that it has a long interest period. This protects the interest on our loan as a kind of protective cover.

That is why these types of loans are now very popular. On the one hand, the state is driving the population hard enough towards fixed loans. On the other hand, there is also a little fear factor in the air. If interest rates begin to rise, loans will certainly increase. For a short interest period (3 months), this can be very quick on monthly repayments. But in a 5-year period, we no longer have to worry about it.

A short example

A short example

The fixed loan, however, is more expensive. So let’s say security has a price. Visit the Sir Lender Calculator and count one! The cheapest offer comes from K&H bank with a monthly rate of 72,762 for the 3-month interest period. However, if we choose 5 years instead of 3 months, then Good family Bank already has a winning month of HUF 78,699.

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